Koichi Samuels



Koichi Samuels is a researcher based at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen’s University Belfast. He completed his doctoral research in 2015, studying inclusive music practices and interfaces with The Drake Music Project Northern Ireland, a charity that aims to enable musicians with physical disabilities and learning difficulties to compose and perform their own music through music technology.  Research interests include: inclusive music, DMIs, DIY/maker culture, critical design, HCI

Koichi is also a musician, producing and performing electronic music

Contact: ksamuels01@qub.ac.uk


Big Ears 2015:


Publications and writings:

Samuels, K. (2015). The Meanings in Making: Openness, Technology and Inclusive Music Practices for People with Disabilities. Leonardo Music Journal, 25, 25-29.

Schroeder, F., Samuels, K., Rennie, T., (2014). BigEars: Sonic Art for Public Ears – reflections on collaborative training work. Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education. Vol. 6, No.1.

Samuels, K., (2014). Enabling Creativity: inclusive music practices and interfaces. Published in the proceedings of International Conference on Live Interfaces (ICLI) 2014, Lisbon.

Talks and Presentations:

Samuels K., (2015). The Spirit to Include Everyone. TEDx, University of Durham, Durham.

Samuels, K., (2015). Creativity and Openness in inclusive music. Enable Ireland, Accessible Music Technology and Practice Seminar. IADT Dun Laoghaire.

Samuels, K., (2014). Enabling Creativity: inclusive music practices and interfaces. International Conference on Live Interfaces (ICLI) 2014, Lisbon.

Samuels, K., (2013). Performing Ability through Music and Digital technology. INSPIRe 2nd annual symposium. University of Calgary.

Samuels, K., (2013). Exploring inclusive music practices. Performing Prejudice symposium. University of Newcastle.


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